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BlackAndWhite BlackAndWhite

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


a few things ruined it, but overall a fair attempt for your first animation. let me explain.

story-wise, I couldn't grasp what you were trying to animate, it started off pretty interesting, but it kind of dumbed down a little, I didn't get the tap dripping either, what was it's relevance? - besides all of that, it was creepy and strange, I have no idea if you were aiming for that, but it was. the ending was thrilling and I like how you link back to the opening with it.

to be fair, the animation was pretty basic which is understandable, some of it looked rushed to be honest. the tap scene for example wasn't fluid, it looked perhaps stiff.

the artwork was amateur but decent overall. the backgrounds were pretty bland, but I suppose you were aiming for the white/black background seeing as your movie is titled "BlackAndWhite". most of the time, drawings were rushed and it was evident through most of the animation, sometimes they looked pretty clean and polished, other times not.

for an improvement I will suggest a few basic pointers.

- introduce your characters more if there's going to be a plotline (I couldn't tell if your animation was a quick short or a small story)

- add music / or possibly more sound effects (you limited sound effects greatly so the animation felt bland, music would've been another option for you, it'd definitely work with this type of animation if it's the style you continue to do)

- polish graphics and animation. as I said before, alot of the artwork looked rushed and sketchy, the animation looked stiff in some places.

well done, I hope you continue to roll in flash by taking some of the pointers I have said.

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Baby Browning Ep2 Baby Browning Ep2

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Not as great. . .

as your other episode, the comedy itself was slacking for my liking and didn't pace itself as the first one; I can understand with the storyline, there might be problems in making this as awesome for the general public and might only be suitable for certain viewers, with certain tastes. From these two episodes you've done so far, I think you're going to have it harder to continue the series.

From a general aspect, the artwork was still amateur, but I'm not complaining, it done it's job, and is alot better than most other crap that is unleashed upon the portal, but you pulled through okay, and kept it on the line with the first episode, well done.

As I said in the beginning, the comedy and style of this series, isn't my cup of tea, and I think you're falling a little from your last episode, and I might add, your first episode was quite awesome. Don't take that as an insult, I feel if you bang your game up a bit, this might be whole lot better.

Re-capping;- this episode defiantly didn't match the awesomeness of the first, and I hope you won't finish this series yet, it's got the potential to be awesome, so good luck with the rest of your flash career.

Moyda Moyda

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Well, that's my opinion; this is possibly one of the best well-polished animations I've seen this month, before I continue - thanks for making such a brilliant animation with a really awesome song.

Let's start with the graphics; very professional and polished down, it had a certain cuteness that I adore, I just love that type of style.

The animation in question was wonderfully built-out, nothing bad to point out about it.

Overall, obviously awesome, the song choice fitted perfectly, I assume you based this flash around it? - still great though. And we all heartedly agree, Adam Sandler is a brilliant musician; perfect animation, perfect graphics, perfect song choice - perfect overall, why are you still reading this? - watch it now!

The Lonely Castle Crasher The Lonely Castle Crasher

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was a really good polished submission and I was happily entertained. The beginning was really slow and I personally thought the flash was going to end stupidly or with a shit punch line, however you did quite the opposite, at half of the flash I thought it would stay slow, but the end had a really good twist that made it worthwhile.

The cute sounds the crashers make are adorable, that's why I watched this numerous times just to listen to them, the best lines were possibly...

"I'm all out" (there was a tone of sadness in his cute voice)
"I'm gonna crash your castle all night long" (sounded humorously kinky)

The art was brilliant and well polished, I'm surprised you did the art all in Flash without any help from any other program like Fireworks, awesome job on it, it had a nice cartoon style just like the real castle crashers.

The only downside was the painfully long slow build-up which sometimes puts me and possibly others off watching it again or watching it all. However like I said, the ending made it better.

Overall, brilliant well-polished Flash.

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LAVAGASM responds:

Thank you for your well-written review. I am very surprised towards your maturity and writing skills, especially for your age. I appreciate the time and effort you took to review my movie and point out the shining points and the dull points. Please take note that your voice is not unheard, and your opinion does matter! Thanks again.